About Us

Touchstone: A Measure of Quality and Excellence

Touchstone Legal Inc., based in downtown Dartmouth, is a collaboration by lawyers with decades of experience in the delivery of legal services and advice to individuals and businesses.

We enjoy working with new clients, ascertaining needs and providing the guidance required to identify and resolve their legal issues. Equally, and arguably more, important is staying connected with existing clients, making sure that our advice is equally pertinent and helpful to them at the different stages of their personal and professional lives.

We also encourage, and facilitate as required, our clients to seek and obtain the professional assistance they need in every facet of their lives and businesses. In that regard, we are happy to work with our clients’ other trusted advisors, be they other lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, and any other type of advisor. We believe that clients should have confidence and trust in all of their advisors, and part of that is being confident that those advisors can and will work together to best serve our shared clients.

Affiliation with Sealy Cornish Coulthard

Touchstone Legal Inc. operates in association with Sealy Cornish Coulthard, a long-standing firm in Dartmouth best known for its expertise in family law matters. Touchstone Legal shares physical space with Sealy Cornish Coulthard, including our reception area and meeting rooms. Shared spaces are increasingly common in the business world, and this is an innovative way to service the needs of our clients in the convenience of downtown Dartmouth.

What does this mean for Touchstone clients? Files remain privileged and confidential as between the two firms, but names of clients are shared for the purposes of doing conflict checks. We want to make sure that everyone who comes into our shared space is comfortable and welcomed, which we can only do if names are shared. However, beyond the walls of our shared space, client identities remain entirely confidential as they would in any firm that does not share space with another.  

This arrangement also enables each firm to facilitate offering clients a greater variety of legal services in one convenient location. There is no obligation on Touchstone’s clients to utilize the services of Sealy Cornish Coulthard, but for our clients requiring family law services, the convenience of this affiliation is unparalleled in Dartmouth.

56 Portland Street
Suite 200
Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1H2