Probate & Estate Administrator


We support families in making sense of, and tending to, the administration of estates of loved ones upon their death.  Whether your family member died with a Will, or without, the Touchstone Team will help you determine if probate of an estate is required, and if it is, how to proceed.

Estate Administration

Acting as an executor is an honour. Whether or not probate is required, this role has responsibilities that require dedicated time and attention to detail. Ever changing complex estate and tax laws make the role of executor more challenging and complicated than ever. Unique family dynamics can add an extra challenge in maintaining family harmony. As a result, often executors can feel overwhelmed. Whether it is assisting with a complete estate administration, focusing on certain individual tasks, or communicating with various family members, our Touchstone estates team will guide you through the estate process. You will remain in control of decision making while enjoying peace of mind knowing the administrative burden is being handled by our experienced estates team.