Guardianship & Representation

Without a Power of Attorney and sometimes without a Personal Directive, your affairs would be administered by the Public Trustee or a Court-appointed representative for the balance of your lifetime or until you are well enough to resume responsibility for your own life and financial choices. The cost of applying to Court for representation, unfortunately, vastly exceeds the cost of preparation of a complete estate plan.

While at Touchstone Legal, we endeavour to assist our clients with creating estate plans while able, we recognize that in some circumstances, it’s simply not possible. In those situations, our clients are looking to be named as the Court-appointed Representative of the incapable adult individual. Our Touchstone Team can assist you in preparing and making application to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia for this.

In some cases, a minor child needs a Court-appointed guardian. Touchstone Legal can also assist in putting together a guardianship application for this purpose.